The internship program with the Center for Byzantine Material Arts is designed in the footsteps of Iconographic Schools around the eastern Orthodox world where instruction was given from the Master Iconographer to the student. Traditionally there were no books for the students, until the 18th century with the hermeneia modern work of The Painter’s Manual of Dionysius of Fourna recorded on Mount Athos. They were trained in the environment of the studio doing the labor of the hands working their way up to a skilled iconographer. This took many years, as they were also expected to know the teachings of the Church.

In this program the student is to show up at least twice a week, for several hours and expected to: read and discuss assignments, go through drawing exercises, learn board preparation, attend lectures, help with upkeep of studio, including some clerical work and eventually helping the head Iconographers with commissions and gallery presentations.

Interns are chosen from current students already taking private lessons or Intensive courses who show an interest in a vocational aspect of this Holy work.

A letter is needed from the student’s priest and they must be in good standing with a parish.

They are expected to be in the program for one school year.

The Internship Program for teens is offered only over the summer months and is no shorter than a 3 week period.

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