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Romanian Reversed Glass Iconography,

glassSorrowfulMotherR. C. Focseneanu’s icons are painted on glass in the Romanian tradition of reversed glass iconography, using egg-tempera and gold leaf; mounted in carved hand-made frame. 



Handcrafted Orthodox Icons

Virgin Mary, by Byzanticon.comWe create handcrafted orthodox icons of Christ, Theotokos, Saints, Feasts and travel icons. All christian icons are painted with egg tempera on wooden panels or canvas, 23 karat gold, and special technique of gold-carving.


Ben Marston, Orthodox wood carver Ozarks. See more about his work at  https://woodcarvingben.wordpress.com and http://ozarkdox.blogspot.com


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7 thoughts on Iconographers and Friends

  1. Sounds wonderful! I hope my wife will try it out sometime. If I had any artistic talent (I do not!), I would love to participate in a workshop myself!


  2. I am delighted to hear about this new endeavor! I look forward taking one of your courses again someday. May God bless you and the Center for Byzantine Material Arts.

  3. The Nursing home invited me and the Knights to the home today to pray the rosary with them. They used my Holy Family painting as the prop to pray in front of. The whole retirement home knows of the painting and has been praying with it all week. I am very touched. One lady told me that the painting gives her great joy. Others told me it has made them pray more often since we are going to celebrate the Holy Family in a few days.

    The prayer circle was so big that non Catholics attended the service. The care givers said some of the people that attended did so for the first time. One lady said to me. I am not Catholic, but I am a true believer and asked if she could sit in. When we told her most certain she could it opened it up to others to join us.

    That is my Christmas miracle. Thank you so much for teaching me this most precious art. It brings me so much joy. May you and your family have a most blessed Christmas from both calendars. . . . . Merry Christmas,

  4. Colette,

    Thank you so much for writing a beautiful and holy icon of the wedding of Cana; it will be treasured by the couple who will receive it. I could not have asked for anything more beautify or tasteful.

    With my poor prayers,



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