List of courses coming to CBMA

Beginning Gilding with Colette Kalvesmaki

August 25th, 2016 by

20160831_122756Join us for 4 hours of instruction learning the various types of gilding used in Iconography and other contexts.  This is a delightful class where we learn on a simple board the various methods of gilding: oil, water, beer glue and shell gold.

Date change!

Saturday November 11th 2017, 10-1pm

Cost: $140.00

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In this course students will learn: oil gilding, water gilding (with various design instructions for this type of gilding), beer-glue techniques and shell gold application.  All work will be on a 8″ clay Maronite board and will be a combination of demonstration by instructors and hands on application by students.  We will not be working on an image, just application.

3 sheet of gold and most other materials will be provided for each student- see below.  All things provided are marked “provided”.  Gold, brushes and other supplies can be purchased at the CBMA.

Items needed for class:

1-Liner brush: size 1-4 water-color

1-round fluffy brush: size 8 up watercolor


Maronite board-provided


water bowl




oil/varnish, shellac-provided




q-tips, cotton ball –provided




Icon Drawing II Course in Sept. with Karen Ward- and Icon Drawing I in Oct

June 11th, 2017 by


Icon Drawing Class 2


When:Saturday, Sept 30, 2017

TIme:from 10-4pm

Cost:. $130.00

Pay in full  



Icon Drawing Class I

When: Saturday, Oct 14th, 2017

Time: 10-4pm

Cost: $130



For those who have attended the Icon Drawing Class 1 or have previous drawing experience, this course will continue instruction of drawing the icon, emphasizing how to depict the light that emanates from the figure(s). Working in a larger scaled format, we will also use various types of papers and techniques, adding color to our studies with traditional conte crayons and watercolor and/or gouache.

Basic supplies will be provided for the workshop but students are encouraged to bring their own media. Some supplies will be offered for sale at the studio.

Contact Karen Ward at

Encaustic Iconography Course of the Sinai Pantocrator -September 23/24

May 5th, 2017 by

In this intensive course we will study how our predecessors worked in wax for the first years of Christendom on the very famous Pantocrator icon.  We will focus mostly on the bust of this icon as working in wax is quite different from most mediums.  Along with technique, we will also take a look at its history and theology.   The Christ Pantocrator of St. Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai is one of the oldest and most famous Byzantine icons, dating from the sixth century AD.[1  It is regarded by historians and scholars to be one of the most important and recognizable works in the study of Byzantine art

When: September 23 and 24th Sat/Sun.  Sat at 10-4pm, Sun 1-6.

Where: The Center for Byzantien Material Arts in Washington DC

Cost: $300 +supplies. $50 non-refundable fee to sign up and $30 for supplies

Class closes September 15th.

This course will only be done in in wax.   No gilding will be possible -need more time, but if students want to gild we will offer a special day of gilding the following Saturday or set up a time for individual students when convenient for them. (Gold instruction cost will be an additional $125). Please let instructor know when signing up.

To sign up go to:


Full payment=

Sign-ups close September 13th.

Supplies:  We will be using  the cold wax method. Supplies include the clear and colored cold wax, mixing tools, turpinoid,  pigments, transfer paper, color copy,  hot plate (if needed) and a flat panel-9 x 12 for the icon.

You will need to bring some supplies . . . WHAT TO BRING: pencil, eraser,  scissors, small glass rinsing jar, paper towels, glass mixing palette (we have 2 in the shop if you want to buy it there, let me know.  You can just use a think piece of glass however).  BRUSHES: Hog brush: flat 1″  or 1/2″ wide and rounds; Hog brush: #1, and #3, a #1 liner if you have one . . .

For more questions contact Colette –

MAKE-UPS: Every day of instruction presupposes knowledge of the days that precede it. If you can’t make a day, we can finish the icon at a later appointment. Call for questions.

2017 Programs Through December

May 10th, 2017 by



NOW through December 31: Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign—Tell your friends! Help us bring great programs on Iconography to your neighborhood! Lectures, Courses, films and seminars. See website for more information.


September 1st, at 6 pm First Friday Lecture Series: a special showing of the Andre Rublev movie “Andre Rublev” by Tarkovsky. $10 donation.

September 23–24; Sat.10am–4pm, Sun 1-6: Encaustic/Wax Course of the Sinai Pantocrator—Two intensive days using a cold wax method. No gilding possible during the workshop, but we can set up a special gilding day after. Course taught by Colette Kalvesmaki. $300 + $30 (supplies).

 September 30th Drawing II Course with Karen Ward. Friday 10-4 Cost: $130



October 6, 7pm: First Friday lecture by a scholar or artist. Suggested donation: $10

October 13 Opening–December 30: Student Exhibition—Calling All Students of Wayne Hajos, Karen Ward and Colette Kalvesmaki! We are hosting our first icon exhibit which can include other icons and drawings of icons you have done since your instruction. Deadline for entry: October 1st.

October 14-Intensive Drawing Class I for beginners with Karen Ward.  Time:Saturday at 10-4.  Cost $130.00.

October 27, Friday at 5:30–8pm: Student Exhibition  Reception—A special reception will be held to honor our first student icon exhibit. Invite your friends, neighbors, church members, co-workers and family!

October 28, Saturday at 10am–1pm: Beginning Gilding Course—Join us for four hours of instruction learning the various types of gilding used in Iconography and other contexts. $135. Course taught by Colette Kalvesmaki.


November 3rd, 7pm. First Friday lecture by a scholar or artist. Suggested donation: $10

November 4th, Sat.  10am: Dumbarton Oaks Behind the Exhibit—An exclusive invitation by Dumbarton Oaks to go behind the scenes to see and handle their artifacts, not normally seen by the public This is a continuation of the Ivory Lecture held at CBMA by Dr. Gudrun Buehl; Head Curator of Dumbarton Oaks Museum Collections. Maximum of 10 students. Suggested donation: $25. Sign up now!


December 1st, 7pm First Friday lecture by a scholar or artist. Suggested donation: $10

December 2nd, 11am–12:30pm: St. Nicholas Children’s Story and Craft Day