List of courses coming to CBMA

Encaustic Iconography Course of the Sinai Pantocrator -September 23/24

May 5th, 2017 by

We will meet for 2 intensive days September 23-24th from 10-4pm .  No gilding will be possible for those times, but if students want to gild we will offer a special day of gilding the following Saturday or set up a time for individual students.

Cost $300 +supplies. $50 non-refundable fee to sign up.

(For gold instruction cost will be an additional $125 and will happen the following Sat 10-2 or special appointed time.)

Sign-ups close September 13th.

We will be using  a cold wax method. Supplies included the clear cold wax, mixing tools and mediums for the initial stage,  pigments, panel-9 x 12.  The cost for supplies will be separate. (price forth coming)

Learn how this particular Icon and many of the icons made before the 9th century were  likely done-in encaustic, or more likely, the cold wax method.  The Christ Pantocrator of St. Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai is one of the oldest Byzantine icons, dating from the sixth century AD.[1] It is the earliest known well-known version of the Pantocrator style that still survives today, and is regarded by historians and scholars to be one of the most important and recognizable works in the study of Byzantine art as well as Eastern Orthodox Christianity.[2  to learn more visit

For more questions contact Colette –

WHAT TO BRING: pencil, eraser,  scissors, drafting compass (all optional)
BRUSHES: Hog brush: flat 1″ wide or more, One stippled or beat-up brush for mixing, One small hog script or round for detail: #3 and  #4  (I would bring all your brushes . . .)

Pallete knives; small,  large and mixing-sold at the CBMA studio

MAKE-UPS: Every day of instruction presupposes knowledge of the days that precede it. If you can’t make a day, we can finish the icon at a later appointment. Call for questions.

2017 Programs Through December

May 10th, 2017 by


2017 Programs Up-coming


Kickstart/Indi Go Go Summer Campaign (June 23-Aug 23) tell your friends!  Help us bring you visiting fine artists and Iconographers from around the world for intensive courses in the areas of illuminated manuscript, frescos, mosaics and more. See web site for more details.

Icon Drawing 101 for a one day intensive course in Iconographic drawing. Dates: either July 22 or Aug 5.  Course taught by Karen Ward.  More details on website.

Kids Icon drawing Camp Aug 1-4 in DC location and Aug 8-11 in Leesburg VA at  the Trinity House Cafe.  Both camps are 10-12am.  Learn how to draw an icon the way it was taught from long ago, accompanied with story time picture books about the saint’s lives. See web site for more info.



Sept 1st Lecture

Sept 23/24.  Intensive Iconography Encaustic  Course on- The Christ of Sinai 

Oct 6th Lecture

Student Exhibit-Oct through end of Dec. Wine and Cheese Night for Opening Oct Fri 27th  5pm-on. ($20 fee to enter 3 icons, more details in program) Exhibit opens Oct 13th.*

Gilding Course-Oct 28th 10-2 with Wayne Hajos and Colette Kalvesmaki

Christmas Icon and Tile Raffle  Starting in Oct.-runs through beginning of new year.  Enter win a beautiful hand-painted icon of the Nativity, St. Nicholas or a tile of St. Nicholas.  Each raffle ticket is $5.


Nov 3rd Lecture

Date TBA-Dumbarton Oaks Behind the Exhibit Visit.  Maximus of 10 students.  Suggested $25 donation to CBMA.


Dec 1st Lecture

St. Nicholas Children’s Story and Craft Day Dec 2, Sat at 11am-12:30-Need craft ideas . . . and volunteers *


 Announce winner of Icon/tile after the first

 Take a break for month of Jan.

Summer Soiree  -TBA



Needs:  We are in search of a file cabinet, shelves for our main gallery wall from Ikea, office phone, New projector. Let us know if you are interested in donating for these causes.  Thank You!!








Beginning Iconography I Drawing Course with Karen Ward

August 29th, 2016 by

Contact Karen Ward for more information at:

When: July 22nd

or Aug 5th 2017


Cost: $125

 Supply list at registration

Most supplies can be bought at the Center for Byzantine Material Art

About Karen Ward

unnamedKaren Ward, Iconographer, Artist, Art Teacher

Karen attended Cooper Union School of Art in New York City, then married and raised three children. Art was a daily activity in their home. She completed her Certificate in Painting and Drawing from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC and focused on landscape painting after moving to a farm in Culpepper County, Virginia. Her paintings have been exhibited in juried local and national shows in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and she has been represented by three galleries in Virginia. Karen has taught drawing and painting classes for the past twelve years and is proud that some of her students have gone on to exhibit and sell their work in juried shows and in galleries!

Now accepting commission for icons, she spends her time painting icons and teaching art classes.

Beginning Gilding with Wayne Hajos and Colette Kalvesmaki

August 25th, 2016 by

20160831_122756Join us for 4 hours of instruction learning the various types of gilding used in Iconography and other contexts.

Saturday October 28th, 2017, 10-1pm

Cost: $130.00

To sign up-click below-

In this course students will learn: oil gilding, water gilding (with various design instructions for this type of gilding), beer-glue techniques and shell gold application.  All work will be on a 8″ clay Maronite board and will be a combination of demonstration by instructors and hands on application by students.  We will not be working on an image, just application.

3 sheet of gold and most other materials will be provided for each student- see below.  All things provided are marked “provided”.  Gold, brushes and other supplies can be purchased at the CBMA.

Items needed for class:

1-Liner brush: size 1-4 water-color

1-round fluffy brush: size 8 up watercolor


Maronite board-provided


water bowl




oil/varnish, shellac-provided




q-tips, cotton ball –provided




Drawing icons 101: for the Young-in two locations

May 18th, 2017 by

Summer Drawing Course on Iconography and lives of the saints 

These interactive classes teach various aspects of the icon to children at least 7 years of age and up. Activities range from demonstration, interactive discussions, story time and drawing an icon themselves on beautiful sienna paper to take home.  We will practice drawing eyes, nose and mouth every day then put it all together in the final class.  Along with that we will have a lesson or story for the day.

Lesson 1-What is an Icon-St Euphrosynos-Drawing eyes and noses.

Lesson 2-Icon Symbols and their Meaning- A Look at Rublev’s Trinity Icon-Drawing mouth and ears.

Lesson 3-A look at Pigments and How to Make Paints and Gesso (demo)

Lesson 4-Russian Fairy Tales and the Icon: The Tale of St George-Drawing the final angel bust.

When: Aug 1st-4th, 2017 in DC


Aug  8-11 in Leesburg (Trinity House Cafe)

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: $50 per child, $25 off each sibling there after

$25 non-refundable deposit to hold your space

Trinity House Cafe is located at-101 E Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176

Taught by Colette Kalvesmaki