Special talk on Gold and Byzantium by Dr. Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie


Join us for a special treat from Germany’s Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie.  Dr. Antje will give a talk on her specialty: Gold and Byzantium.


She will cover;

gold – terminology, where did it come from in Byzantium? correlation with coins

economy – less gold after the 10th century, different alloys (less expensive)

use of gold – jewellery, reliquaries, crosses, crowns, metal icons and icon revetments; use in painted icons, e.g. a background, highlighting (for example chrysography); Sinai icons: special treatment of the gold background, nimbus is polished differently

imitation of gold – gilded bronze, gilded leather, gilded other materials

recipes for making gold look better and the meaning of gold –

She will fly away the following day . . .  So don’t miss it!

Date: Oct 29

Time: 4:00pm Sunday

Location: CBMA Center


Suggested donation $10

If you’d like to donate now, see below;


Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie is an assistant professor in the Department of Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History, Institute of Art History and Musicology, at the University of Mainz, Germany. She holds an MA (Magister Artium) and a PhD in Art History with a dissertation on Byzantine architecture and a thesis on Byzantine jewellery. Her PhD thesis was published in 2011 (Byzantinischer Schmuck des 9. bis frühen 13. Jahrhunderts, Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag) and awarded the Anicia-Juliana-Prize and the Dr.-Walther-Liebehenz-Prize. Antje specialises in Byzantine arts and crafts, particularly goldsmiths’ works, and ornaments as well as the material culture of Byzantine magic. An important interest is ‘technical art history’, especially in the field of goldsmiths’ works. Antje is the co-leader of a project on a Greek treatise on goldsmithing that will be translated, commented and tested with experimental archaeology.  Currently, she works on cultural transfer in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, focussing on gold- and silverworks of the 13th to 15thcenturies, including the large group of Byzantine icon revetments in precious metal. Antje has also worked on Byzantium in popular culture, focussing on Heavy Metal music.

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