Iconography Private Lessons, Commissions, Intensive Courses and Open Saturdays!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are $40 a lesson and includes all supplies for initial lessons. One can start with the making of the board or with the painting process. Gilding is not included until a later date and gold is not included in the price.

Raised boards can be bought at the wish of the student for later icons. Particulars are worked out with the instructor. The mediums are egg tempera, but can be in acrylic. The lessons follow a course much as the Traditional schools of old. This is a living Tradition and is important to us to carefully pass on the practice and theology of the icon.

The length of lessons depends on the ability of the students. The goal is to take privately until the instructor advises the student join the Open Saturdays. If the student wishes they can continue privately but are encouraged to work on their own and come with questions on our open Saturdays, which are listed on the calender web site.

All are welcome who can paint on their own to Open Saturdays.


We accept commissions and work usually in two payments. One when ordering and the second when it is finished. Prices vary accordingly. It’s best to visit the websites to choose a style. (see byzarts.com –Gallery of Artist page)

Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are open to anyone interested and are offered usually once a month. A deposit is necessary to hold your place. Cost and time depend largely on the difficulty of the icon. Check website for details.

Ask about our scholarship fund.

Open Saturdays

Open Saturdays – are walk in sessions for those who already know how to work (mostly) on their own but have a qustion or two, or for those who simply like to work with a group in a quite setting.  We start at 1pm on specially marked Saturdays.                Check our “Calender of Events” for days.

Cost $10.00.

Next Open Saturday-every Saturday in January!

Location -We are at the Monroe Street Arts Walk, 716 Monroe St. NE #7, Washington DC 20017.

Metro-Redline CUA/Brookline stop. We are a few yards away in the Monroe Street arts Walk.

Parking: Parking garage on 7th and Monroe or street parking.

Dates– they vary and it’s always good to drop an email before you come:  colette@byzarts.com

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