Special events

Student Exhibit for the Center for Byzantine Material Arts Oct-Dec 2017

May 5th, 2017 by

Calling all students of Wayne Hajos, Richard Christin, Karen Ward and Colette Kalvesmaki!

‘Wine and Cheese-Meet the Artist’ will be held for all of you October 27, 5:30-8pm.

The Center for Byzantine Material Arts is hosting our first Student Icon Exhibit which can include other icons and drawings of icons you have done since our instruction (it will be juried to make sure all items entered line up with the Center’s mission).

Deadline for entry Oct 1st and we need all your works at the studio by Oct 11th before 7pm.  Volunteers to help hang would be most welcome!

Pick-up : You can pick up your items anytime after the show and when we are open after Dec 30th, but all must be picked up by Jan 9th, unless other arrangements have been made.  All payments will be made to artisans by Jan 10th.

We ask that everyone fill out the paperwork to show their works (We will send upon request).

Cost:$25 to enter up to 3 icons and $25 to enter up to 3 more and so on . .. .  The Center asks 25% of the sales for its commission, fee included in this amount.  Send check or pay with paypal below.

We will need a short bio on each participant (small paragraph).  Make sure they are hanging ready. Send all inquiries to paraskeve@gmail.com or call 301 977 7297 or 301 977 7297.

See you soon!

Drawing icons 101: for the Young

May 18th, 2017 by

Summer Drawing Course on Iconography and lives of the saints 

These interactive classes teach various aspects of the icon to children at least 7 years of age and up. Activities range from demonstration, interactive discussions, story time and drawing an icon themselves on beautiful sienna paper to take home.  We will practice drawing eyes, nose and mouth every day then put it all together in the final class.  Along with that we will have a lesson or story for the day.

Lesson 1-What is an Icon- (slide show). Drawing eyes.

Lesson 2-Icon Symbols and their Meaning-St Euphrosynos-Drawing noses

Lesson 3-A look at Pigments and How to Make Paints and Gesso (demo)

Lesson 4-Russian Fairy Tales and the Icon: The Tale of St George-drawing mouths and ears
Lesson 5-How to Read an Icon: A Look at Rublev’s Trinity Icon-final drawing of an angel

When: Aug 1st-4th, 2017

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: $75 per child, $25 off each sibling there after

$25 non-refundable deposit to hold your space

Taught by Colette Kalvesmaki


2017 Programs Through December

May 10th, 2017 by


2017 Programs Up-coming


Kickstart/Indi Go Go Summer Campaign (June 23-Aug 23) tell your friends!  Help us bring you visiting fine artists and Iconographers from around the world for intensive courses in the areas of illuminated manuscript, frescos, mosaics and more. See web site for more details.

‘Come Meet the Artists Night’, Saturday June 24th, 5 to 7pm or so on the Arts Walk, studio #7!  Meet the four Iconographers and friends who make up the Center for Byzantine Material Arts for a night of Stories, Friends, Fine-foods and Wine. See web site for more details.

Icon Drawing 101 for a one day intensive course in Iconographic drawing. Dates: either July 8 or 22.  Course taught by Karen Ward.  More details on website.

Kids Icon drawing Camp Aug 1-4 in DC location and Aug 8-11.  Both camps are 10-12am.  Learn how to draw an icon the way it was taught from long ago, accompanied with story time picture books about the saint’s lives. See web site for more info.



Sept 1st Lecture

Sept 23/24.  Intensive Iconography Encaustic  Course on- The Christ of Sinai 

Oct 6th Lecture

Student Exhibit-Oct through end of Dec. Wine and Cheese Night for Opening Oct Fri 27th  5pm-on. ($20 fee to enter 3 icons, more details in program) Exhibit opens Oct 13th.*

Gilding Course-Oct 28th 10-2 with Wayne Hajos and Colette Kalvesmaki

Christmas Icon and Tile Raffle  Starting in Oct.-runs through beginning of new year.  Enter win a beautiful hand-painted icon of the Nativity, St. Nicholas or a tile of St. Nicholas.  Each raffle ticket is $5.


Nov 3rd Lecture

Date TBA-Dumbarton Oaks Behind the Exhibit Visit.  Maximus of 10 students.  Suggested $25 donation to CBMA.


Dec 1st Lecture

St. Nicholas Children’s Story and Craft Day Dec 2, Sat at 11am-12:30-Need craft ideas . . . and volunteers *


 Announce winner of Icon/tile after the first

 Take a break for month of Jan.

Summer Soiree  -TBA



Needs:  We are in search of a file cabinet, shelves for our main gallery wall from Ikea, office phone, New projector. Let us know if you are interested in donating for these causes.  Thank You!!








Come meet the Iconographers, Wine and Cheese Night June 24th

May 5th, 2017 by


  We welcome you to a night of Stories, Friends, Fine-Foods and Wine.

June 24, 2017

@ at 5 and ends at 7pm or so.

Join us for a special night.  Learn about each of the Iconographers that compose the Center for Byzantine Material Arts. Hear their journey to Christ and Iconography, browse the icon collection, ask questions about thier work while enjoying fine treats and drinks.  

Enjoy our refreshments, our shop items, books and icon gallery as well as the beautiful Arts Walks’ small shops and restaurants!

See you there!