Behind the Exhibit: An exclusive invitation by Dumbarton Oaks, Nov 4th at 10 am

Dumbarton Oaks and the Center for Byzantine Material Arts presents:

“Behind the Exhibit”

An exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes of the regular museum display to see and study objects not normally seen. This is a continuation of the Ivory Lecture  held at the Center for Byzantine Material Arts by Dr. Gudrun Buehl, Museum Director and Curator of the Byzantine Collection at Dumbarton Oaks. 

When: Nov 4th, Saturday at 10am

Address1703 32nd St NW, Washington, DC 20007(museum entrance)

We ask for everyone to meet in the museum entrance at Dumbarton Oaks before 10. 

visit theri website @

Maximum of 10 students.

Suggested donation: $25.

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