Beginning Iconography Painting (Writing) Course

Beginning Iconography Painting (Writing) Course







This course is designed for those who have never painted (written) an icon before.  Your Instructor, Colette Kalvesmaki will take you through step by step instruction in transferring the image to the board, making the egg emulsion and mixing the paints.  Before the course begins you will be given reading materials to finish at your leisure as well as directed to more intensive reading for future.  You will also learn how to pray with icons and how to pray during this process.  This is a beautiful experience  for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the faith.  We will be painting the face of an angel above.  Some supplies needed from the student-see below.


Date: January 26 & 27, (Friday and Saturday) 2018


Cost: $250.00

Place: Center for Byzantine Material Arts, 716 Monroe St. NE #7, Washington DC 20017.  By Catholic University, the National Shrine and the Brookland/CUA metro station in the Arts Walk

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There will be no gilding in this course and painting will be done on a Maronite clay board.  Things you will need to bring to the class:

pencil, eraser, rinse jar, palette, ruler, scissors, drafting compass (all optional)

BRUSHES: One water-color wash brush: very fluffy, at least 1ʺ wide.

One tool or stippled brush or a beat-up brush for mixing.

One small watercolor script: #1 or #2

Several larger brushes for blending: rounds #2 or #3  (All these can be bought at the course)

MAKE-UPS: Every day of instruction presupposes knowledge of the days that precede it.  If you can’t make a day, we can finish the icon at a later appointment.

Call for more information 301 977 7297




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