Past Lectures, Exhibits, Courses and Retreats


Special Events 

Nov 4, 2017:  Dumbarton Oaks and the Center for Byzantine Material Arts presents: “Behind the Exhibit”, by Dr. Gudrun Buehl.

Oct 27, 2017: First Iconography Exhibit and Reception for our Students

 Aug 8-11, 2017: Drawing icons 101: for the Young, four day course in tradition icon drawing at the Trinity House Cafe, Leesburg VA.

June 24, 2017: Come Meet the Artist Night! All former and present iconographers of the Center for Byzantine Material Arts spoke about their icons and lives with a special night of foods and celebration.

December 2016: Bishop Nicholas’ Story and Craft Celebration!  This is a regular event for children in which we celebrate and share the real St Nicholas of Myra.  We have several crafts all related to the saint for the children to make and take home followed by a story of his life, told by our very own Mr. Wayne Hajos, our senior iconographer.

November 2016: ‘Big Thank You Dinner’ for our volunteers and Donors

 2016: Colette and Wayne held demonstration and lectures at various festivals and Churches this year.


Artists’ Homes And Studios You Can Visit In Washington, DC

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Courses Offered 

NOV 17/18th: Drawing III, Clothing with Karen Ward.

November 11th 2017, 10-1pm: Beginning Gilding with Colette Kalvesmaki

Oct 28th, 2017: Drawing II with Karen Ward.

Sept 30, 2017Icon Drawing Class 2. Taught by Karen Ward.

Sept 23-24 2017: Intensive Iconography Course: The Sinai Christ encaustic Icon of St Katherine’s Monastery, taught by Colette Kalvesmaki.

July 22nd or Aug 5th 2017: Beginning Iconography I Drawing Course with Karen Ward.

May 19, 20, 26, 27 2017: Iconography Course on Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  Instructor: Colette Kalvesmaki

April 22, 29, MAY 6, 13 2017: Icon Drawing II Course. Instructor: Karen Ward

March 11, 2017: Iconography Script Writing Course: Instructor Wayne Hajos

March 4, 11, 18, 25, 2017: Beginning Iconography Drawing Course: Instructor Karen Ward

Feb 16-18, 2017: Intensive Iconography Course for Lent: Christ the Bridegroom. Instructor: Colette Kalvesmkai

Jan 14, 2017: Iconography Script Writing Course with Wayne Hajos

October 2016: Beginning Iconography Drawing Classes with Karen Ward

October  2016: Beginning Gilding with Wayne Hajos and Colette Kalvesmaki

October 2016:-Archangel Iconography Course with Wayne Hajos

May 2016: Intensive Course: Dionysius’ Theotokos of Smolensk Icon (ca. 1500): Instructor Colette Kalvesmaki

March 2016: Intensive Course, ‘Leaping for Joy’. Instructor Colette Kalvesmaki

February 2016: Intensive Course: Guardian Angel. Instructor: Wayne Hajos


First Thursday of the Month Lecture Series 

Nov 3, 2017: Icons in Conversation: How Icons Reveal Deeper Meaning through Architectural Programming, PhD. Candidate Kevin Fritts.

Oct 2017Medieval Byzantine Scrolls of the Office of Holy Communion:Is Form Related to Function?  by Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos, Ph.D

May 5, 2017: ‘Differences of the sacred Image:East and West’, by Iconographer Colette Kalvesmaki

April 7, 2017:  “The Making and Function of Byzantine Ivories”, by Dr. Gudrun Buehl.

Mar 3, 2017: The Byzantine Experience of the Cappadocian Cave Churches: Light Sources in Tokali Kilise, by Sarah Jenkins.

Feb 3, 2017:  Praying in Gold: Luxury Scrolls of the Office of Holy Communion, by Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos, Ph.D 

Dec 2016: Dr. Andrea Olsen Lam; Translated Womb: The Changing Visual Language of Mary’s Motherhood in Byzantine Icon

Nov. 2016: Dr. Heather Turnbow: Making the Absent Present: the Roman origins of Christian icon painting

Oct. 2016: Dr. Alfred Kentigern Siewers: Reading Irish Illuminated Manuscripts Iconographically, in Light of the Fathers, presented by Dr. Alfred Kentigern Siewers

April 2016: Dr. Mary Cunningham: Mary the Mother of God and the Natural World:Orthodox Conceptions Sacrament and Creation 

March 2016: Dr. Natalia Teteriatnikov: Pseudo-Dionysius and The Byzantine Church After Iconoclasm

February 2016: Rev. Stefanos Alexopoulos: The Power of the word: Preaching and Its Power Conveyed Through Iconography

December 2015: Dr. Heather Turnbow: Making the Absent Present: the Roman origins of Christian icon painting

November 2015: Dr. John Yiannias: The Word about the Image: Talking about Orthodox Imagery


Visiting Artisans

Introduction to True Fresco Painting by Natural Pigments Hands-on Painting Workshop, April 2016.


Winter Retreat

January-The Orthodox Path to Contemplation Lecture in January 2015 can be heard at visit


Lectures with Catholic University of America art students and Exhibit at The Washington Drawing Center 2014.




CBMA will be keeping a record of our activities to share with all who couldn’t make it!