About Wayne Hajos

94_Close_up_2 Wayne Hajos, Iconographer

Wayne Hajos, a self-taught artist, remembers drawing and studying art at a very young age. By adolescence he was painting in the impressionistic style in oil inspired by Monet and Renoir. Wayne discovered iconography in the 1980s through his study of the early Christian Church. He was strongly drawn to the spiritual path of iconography and the challenge to portray scriptural and spiritual truth with color, line, form and symbol. For the past 25 years, Wayne has studied iconography and developed his skills by learning intently under the instruction of various teachers. His icons are found in private collections, offices and church interiors in the United States and Russia. Wayne paints in Russo-Byzantine style working in acrylic and egg tempera using traditional byzantine techniques on wood panels, canvas and murals.

Wayne is committed to teaching iconography and regularly holds icon workshops for all levels. He makes presentations in churches and educational settings about iconography techniques, theology and history. To learn more about Wayne visit his website at http://waynehajos.com/

An image done by Wayne and an article by Fr. Lawrence Lew-http://lawrenceop.tumblr.com/post/133111159814/today-i-came-across-a-good-article-well-worth


Courses offered by Wayne: