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glassSorrowfulMotherR. C. Focseneanu,  Romanian Reversed Glass Iconography

Rodica Focseneanu and Christopher Cunningham work together as iconographers under the name of R. C. Focseneanu. Rodica Focseneanu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Fine Arts, Bucharest in 1997, with an emphasis on stage set design, costume design and painting. In 2004 she obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of New Mexico. She has been painting icons for 26 years. In 1989, her great aunt, who was also an artist, quietly taught her the old techniques of painting reversed glass icons, that she had learned as an art student before communism. She has been painting the traditional patterns until 2004, when her and Christopher Cunningham began researching canons for writing new patterns of icons on glass that embodied the tradition behind Romanian glass iconography, that blend with the aspects of Romanian tradition.

Christopher Cunningham earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Oklahoma City University in 1996. He did extensive research in art and art history in the U.S. and abroad, and in 2004 he earned his Master’s of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of New Mexico.

Visit their website at  http://www.iconsbyrc.com/

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